Quick and Easy Ways to Declutter Your House

I’m sure we all have our own hoardy hoarder tendencies, maybe some more than others (I’m not judging). And from many of the articles I have been reading on decluttering your home, most of them are mainly based solely on the idea of “getting rid of” most things. But for me, and probably some of you, the items that I have the most of are the items that I use on a regular basis. I’m not necessarily looking to totally remove these items from my life because “you don’t REALLY need them, you just think you do”. Im more looking to simplify and replace those certain things that just take up too much space as they are.

Having said that; below I’ve compiled a list of tips for those of you out there that are like me, and just realized you don’t need five of those 200-pack straws from Ikea because they were $1.29 and really cute colours for summer!

1. While we’re on the topic of straws, I know there are so many cute colours and designs of straws out there that are just calling your name and you just know they would be PERFECT for a backyard BBQ with all your neighbors and friends. Except for the fact that you don’t have a backyard, or a barbecue…or friends……. Moving on! A great way to get rid of the millions of straws taking up half of your kitchen, is investing in some stainless steel ones. They do cost more than $1.29 but believe me it’s worth it. They are available on Amazon, and range from three packs to eight packs. Super easy to clean, dishwasher safe, the colour won’t fade, and they last forever! Not to mention the totally sleek and modern design. And they take up next to no space!

2. Recipes. They tend to find their way into every cupboard and drawer in your kitchen, much like straws. I don’t know about you but I have recipes saved on every electronic device I own, magazine clippings, recipe cards, hand written recipes from family and friends, as it’s easy to lose track of  how many little pieces of paper you have floating around. Here’s what I did to reduce the mess of paper; I went to my local stationary store and bought one of those fancy notebooks (it’s about 5×7) and a nice writing pen. Next, I went through all of my recipes and chucked any that I figured I wasn’t going to use like those that someone gave to you because you said it tasted good (more just trying to be polite), and with the remaining recipes wrote them all in the notebook. Now everything is in one place, simple!

3. I don’t know about you guys, but at my house we have an entire cupboard dedicated to tea. Or maybe we’re just insane….who knows. But it happens everywhere I go, I see a new tea that smells, or tastes amazing, and I just have to buy it. Hence, the entire cupboard filled with tea. The only problem (like there could be any other, pfft) is, the boxes don’t always stack nicely and tend to fall on you when you open the door like one of those hilariously awful commercials for containers. But that right there is our ticket to sanity, yep, containers. All you need is some flip top containers from your local dollar store. Cut out the label from the box with the name, or if you’re feeling DIYish some chalkboard labels, and stick them in the front of the container. Put your tea in, and your done! The nice thing about having each one in a container is they stack well, no more surprises; and it’s easy to see what teas you have. Plus, if they aren’t individually packaged, they will stay fresh longer. Not necessarily a “Declutter” tip but it will help you organize, and you’re still getting rid of extra boxes.

4. Notepads,notebooks, sticky notes. They’re everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE! When trying to declutter, I find paper to be one of the most difficult things to manage because there is so much of it. To help with that, I got rid of any unused notebooks, notepads, or sticky notes. And I replaced those items with a boogie board. A boogie board for anyone that doesn’t know, is an “e-writer” meaning it’s basically a paperless notepad. It runs about $25.00, with a range of sizes and colours. For day to day to-do lists this is definitely the way to go, and takes up almost no space. So you can get rid of all the paper clutter that takes over your home.

5. Bags. I’m not talking plastic bags, I’m talking the “free with purchase” bags from places such as cosmetic counters. Now I understand that some of  bags are useful for reusable shopping bags (like lulu lemon, or bench),  but that is in my opinion all they should be used for. Do you really need a bag in every different colour of the rainbow to match each of your outfits? Or three different bags in the same colour? Or a different bag for each activity you do? Chances are the answer is no. Take those, and sell them, donate them, bury them, whatever. If you’re someone that has a different bag for everything they do, I would suggest investing in one of those jet set totes in a neutral colour. That way you can have enough room for the things you need but it gets rid of your gym bag, beach bag, etc. It’s big enough to handle most of your different activities, and makes it look like you’ve got your life together (BONUS!). If you’re worried about smells, or anything like that go to any sports store and grab a small drawstring bag to put your workout clothes in when you’re done. Same goes for purses, find one that you really like, again, in a neutral colour and stick to it. It will also save you the hassle of transferring all of your things from purse to purse.

Those are a few of my tips that I use when decluttering my house…and life! Comment your favourite decluttering tips below!

Thanks for reading,



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